Website Design: Canned Good Products

Photo by yours truly, Danielle Levsky

I customized the design, color, photos and pages of this website for a freelance web design/development client for his Kosher canned chicken product. This was discussed after I spent 1.5 years cultivating and maintaining his Facebook marketing through competitions, graphic design campaigns, recipes and client management (view the Facebook page here.

Though this was a premade layout, I adjusted it to fit the needs of my client by incorporating my own HTML and CSS code. I incorporated the product and payment information, blog (recipes page) and other pages to make it easy, attractive and customizable for both the business owner and clients to use. All the photos taken on this website were taken by yours truly.

Check out the screenshots of the website below.

Home Page

About Us

Online Orders Page

Where To Buy Page

Contact Us Page

Product Page

Return & Refund Policy Preview

Shipping Policy Preview

Product Photo Angles

Product Photo Angles


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