Selected Publications


“What Noviy God, the Russian celebration of New Year’s Eve, means to the daughter of Soviet Jewish refugees” HelloGiggles — December 2017
“5 ways women can support each other in our professional relationships” HelloGiggles — September 2017
“I’m the Jewish daughter of political refugees — Charlottesville didn’t surprise me” HelloGiggles — August 2017
“My relationship with food, my mother, our bodies, and each other” HelloGiggles — August 2017
“This is the ultimate guide to the people you have to deal with at every family dinner” The Tempest— July 2017
“Back in the USSR: Learning to date American-style with ex-Soviet parents” Thrillist— July 2016
“What Dating Long-Distance Taught Me About Relationships” Thrillist — March 2016